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Adjust Investment Certificate of Foreign Invested Company in Vietnam

Adjust Investment Certificate of Foreign Invested Company

Adjust Investment Certificate of Foreign Invested Company

In order to do business in Vietnam, the foreign investor has to obtain the Investment Certificate to set up a company in Vietnam.
The content of Investment Certificate consists the following points:
  • The name of investor.
  • The name of company
  • The name and location of project.
  • The investment capital.
  • The other content.
However, if the investor would like to adjust the content of Investment Certificate, they have to contact with Vietnamese authority to amend  it.

In case they would like to increase charter capital, they also have to amend the Investment Certificate.

In order to do the above work, the charter capital of company needs to be fully contributed as committed in Investment Certificate and also the Company needs to complete the annual reports and other obligation of foreign investor as required.

» Amending of investment certificate
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