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Opening a Rep. office in Ha Noi

Opening a Rep. office in Ha Noi. I wish to open a Rep. Office in Hanoi. My company in India is 18 months old. Please let me know whether I can apply for setting up a Rep. Office. Also, please help me by providing me the following info
Client: Dear Sir/Madam,
- document required
- what all documents need legalization from VN Embassy in India ? Or Could we do with documents with notarization in Hanoi (I meant no legalization from Embassy)
- do I need to confirm my office address in Ha Noi at the time of submission of Application ?
- how many days it will take to get the licence
- Is it possible to set up a Rep. Office first & appoint local Vietnamese staff after some months ?
- pls send me application form in soft copy.
Thanks & Regards,

Lawyers: Regarding to your email, we would like to answer as follows:

1. Your company with 18 months old can set up its Representative
office in Vietnam.
2. The required documents:
a/ The notarized & legalized charter (Articles of Associations) of
your company in India;
b/ The notarized & legalized audited financial statement of the latest
year of your company;
c/ The notarized & legalized business registration certificate and/or
incorporation certificate of your company;
d/ the notarized & legalized passport of the expected chief of Representative Office that will be set up in Vietnam. In case the expected chief is the Vietnamese, the required document is the notarized ID card.

Besides, your company must lease a office for locating your Representative Office before submitting the Application Dossier to the Licensing Authority. The time for obtaining the License will be 15 working days from the adequate submission of the Application Dossier.

With regard to the legalization, normally, your company should make notarization first, and then make the legalization at Vietnamese Embassy in India.
Otherwise, you can bring the notarized versions of such above docs to Embassy of India in Hanoi to make the certification before making legalization at Consular Department of Vietnam.
With regard to the  employee, at the initial time for setting up Rep office, you need only one individual either foreigner or Vietnamese to become the chief. After setting up, your Rep Office will hire employees.
Our service fee for setting up your Representative Office in Vietnam is 1, 500 USD.

3. Our tasks includes:

(1) drafting all docs other than required document need to be prepared
by your side;
(2) submitting application dossier to the Licensing Authority,
following the licensing process;
(3) explaining and help you to supplement to the Application Dossier
if having requires of the Licensing Authority;
(4) receiving the License;
(5) making seal of the Rep Office;
(6) registering for obtaining tax code;
(7) posting announcement of setting up Rep Office on newspaper;
(8) noticing on official operation of Rep Office to the Licensing Authority.

Our service excludes:

Translating required documents from English or India to Vietnamese. At
your request, we will help you to do it with our service fee is 10 USD
per page from English to Vietnamese.

With regard to the official fee, it is 150 USD and it is not inclusive
in our service fee

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