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Guidance for filling industrial design in Vietnam

Guidance for filling industrial design in Vietnam If client would like to file an industrial design in Vietnam, S&B Law would like to provide our guidance as follows:
1. Name, address and nationality of the applicant;
2. Name, address and nationality of the designer;
3. Stating the article for which registration is sought (title of design);
4. The class in which the design is to be registered according to the Locarno International Classification, if any;
5. Statement of country, serial number and filing date of the original foreign application (first filing), if priority is claimed.

1. Six (06) sets of pictures (photographs or drawings) illustrating the design. The pictures must not exceed the international size A4. All pictures must be made in the same scale. There must be as many pictures as it takes to show all of the different sides of the design.
2. Brief description of design in English 
3. Power of Attorney: copy of Power of Attorney is accepted for filing application but the original one must be submitted within 01 month from the filing date.

1. The validity term of the registration is 5 years from the regular filing date and effective from the granting date, with possible extension of two additional 5-year periods (max.15 years).
2. Different variations of a design can be filed in a single application or separate applications. In the latter case, a statement of the design is a variation of the previously filed design is required. All variations of a design will be granted with only one Certificate.
3. Time necessary for obtaining registration is 10 months basically.

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