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Vietnam trademark registration process

Vietnam trademark registration process

Vietnam Trademark Registration Procedures. If client would like to make the registration of the trademark in Vietnam, Law company would like to advise as follows:

IP agent in Vietnam

According to new statics of NOIP in 2013, SBLAW is one of Vietnam IP agents having the largest number of trademark applications in Vietnam. SBLaw provides the full range of intellectual property services covering patent, trademark, industrial design, copyright and domain name, enforcement and commercial exploitation of IP rights.

Trademark Registration Service in Vietnam

Trademark Registration Service in Vietnam. 1. Trademark search (Optional): In order to verify the registrablity of your trademark in Vietnam before officially filing trademark application at National Office of Intellectual Property (NOIP), you should conduct a search of the trademark.

Trademark Registering through Madrid Concord

Trademark Registering

Trademark Registering through Madrid Concord. Trademark registration through Madrid Concord is a method of international registration applied to Madrid Concord’s members (56 nations including Vietnam). Application filing will be carried out in International Office and nations as Madrid Concord’s members will be assigned in the application.

Registering copyright for logo in Vietnam

Registering copyright for logo in Vietnam

Registering copyright for logo in Vietnam (S&B Law) A logo of Vietnamese and foreign enterprises can be registered as a a copyright in Vietnam. However, a logo that has to include artistic or design element, not just the name on its own, is legally regarded as a works of artistic creation and therefore, the logo will be protected under the Law on Intellectual Property of Vietnam.

Copyright of song translated from foreign language

Copyright of song translated from foreign language. In the era of integrated culture today, there are many good foreign songs translated into Vietnamese, so how do we protect the copyright of the translated songs? One of the most important points is that translated songs are the derivative works.


Law firm in Vietnam

Vietnam business Law firm

SB law - Vietnam business Law firm is staffed with lawyers and associates who are capable of providing a multitude of legal services which cover every aspect of doing business in Vietnam. The following are our main areas of practice: Intellectual property, Litigation and Arbitration, Banking,...

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