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Cambodia trademark registration

Cambodia trademark registration

Cambodia trademark registration

Cambodia trademark registration. As leading International IP attorney, S&B Law is capable of assisting client with handling all intellectual property matters in Cambodia in an efficient and cost-competitive manner.
As the trademark matter, we would like to advise client on legal procedure in relation to the trademark registration proceeding in Cambodia as follows:
Some notes about trademark registration in Cambodia.
- Cambodia is First to file jurisdiction
- Cambodia does not accept multi-classes application. Each application includes only one class.
- Duration of trademark registration in Cambodia: 6-8 months
- The decision of issuing trademark certificate in Cambodia is significantly affected by the result of the counterpart trademark in other countries.
Required documents for trademark protection in Cambodia.
- Name and address of the the Applicant;
- List of Goods/Services;
- Specimen of the applied mark;
- A notarized original Power of Attorney (a scanned/faxed copy of the POA is acceptable upon filing provided that the original copy will be submitted within one month from the filing date).

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Cambodia trademark registration:
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