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Fee schedule of trademark and patent in Cambodia

Request for fee schedule of trademark and patent in Cambodia We are foreign company and now we have some patent and trademark cases to be filed in Cambodia, May you kindly mail new (or recent) Fee Schedule of Patent and Trademark to us?
Your promptly response to this letter is greatly appreciated.
 If there is any problem, please contact us without hesitate.
Lawyer: Thank you for your later referring to the above matter. As the leading intellectual property firm with worldwide network at 60 countries, it is ensured that we will provide you qualified service with competitive fee.
Accordingly, we do hope a long co-operation between our companies shall be established.
As your requirement, we would like to advise you on procedure and fee for registering trademark, patent and industrial design in Cambodia as hereafter:
1. Time frame of trademark registration in Cambodia:
The trademark application shall be passed through three stages:
a) Formality examination of trademark application: 01 month.
b) Substantive Examination: A substantive examination takes place 6 months from the date of publication.
c) Registration: The duration of registration takes a minimum period of 2 months. The registration is effective from date of application.
2. Required documents :
In order to file trademark in Cambodia, the applicant shall provide S&B LAW the following documents:
(i) Power of Attorney.
(ii) Samples of trademark
(iii) List of products/service bearing trademark.
Note: Cambodia does not accept mutil-class in one trademark application. Each trademark application can only include one class.
3. Fees.
3.1 Fee for conducting search trademark registration for one class.
 No Work Official charge
Agency fee
1     Conducting search trademark registration for one classin Cambodia 90 60
  Total 150 USD
In words: One hundred and fifty US dollars only

3.2 Fee for filling a trademark for one class.
Description Official charge
Agency fee
New Filing
250 150
Claim Priority 40 40
220 120
80 60
80 60
Change of Name
80 60
Change of Address
80 60
50 40
Case by case Case by case
* Note: The above fees are exclusive of: The translation fee: US$ 6/ 100 English words, Appeal fee (if any), actual Communication expenses; Value Added Tax (VAT): 5% of our agency fe
1. An invention shall be eligible for protection in the form of the grant of an invention  when it satisfies the following conditions:
  It is novel It is of an inventive nature It is susceptible of industrial application
2. Time frame of patent registration:
It takes 32 – 34 moths to register patent in Cambodia from filing date of application.
3. Required documents
(i) A description
(ii) One or more claims
(iii)  An abstract, and
(iv)  One or more drawings (where required).
4.  Fee
Fee for filing patent application depends on number of claims in an application.
No. Description Official
1 Filing Application 180 100 280
2 Over 10 Claims 10/claim 10/claim 20/claim
3 Priority Claim 40 40 80
4 Filing Foreign Search Result 20 50 70
5 Evaluation of Search Result 40 40 80
6 Publication of Search Report 80 50 130
7 Submitting Result of Foreign Substantive Examination 80 50 130
8 Evaluation of Substantive Examination 60 80 140
9 Grant of Patent (2 include the payment of annuity fee of 2nd to 4th year) 330 200 530
10 Post-Grant Publication 90 40 130
11 Filing Patent Certification 60 40 100
12 Request for substantive examination (in case no priority is claimed) 230 80 310
13 Translation 10USD/100 words
14 Fax charge   10/sheet 10/sheet
15 Fee for assignment of the application/Registration 110 90 200
16  Fee for amendment of the application/Registration 60 30 90
17  Fee for Filing a response to the office action   Depending on the complication of each case  
18 Fee for Opposition to application   Depending on the complication of each case  
Note: The above fees are exclusive of: Appeal fee (if any), actual Communication expenses; Value Added Tax (VAT) : 5% of our agency fee, bank charge

The above is our Fee Schedule of Trademark and Patent in Cambodia.
We trust that you will find our services of interest to your firm and shall look forward to hearing from you with a view to establishing a mutually beneficial relationship
Should you have any inquiry, please do not hesitate to contact us.
We look forward to co-operating with you soon.

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