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File and search trademark in India

File and search trademark in India

File and search trademark in India

File and search trademark in India. Following are the documentation necessary to complete the Trade mark filing requirements in India:
1. Name of the Applicant
2. Please mention the trading style of the Applicant i.e;
· Manufacturers & Merchants
· Merchants
· Service Providers
· Manufacturers, Merchants & Service Providers
3. Address of the applicant
4. Please state the nationality and confirm whether the applicant is a Sole proprietor/Partnership/Public Ltd. company or Private Limited company:
· If the applicant is a Sole Proprietor, please give the name of the Sole Proprietor
· If the applicant is a Partnership, please give names of all partners and address of their place of business. Please also state whether any minor is a partner.
5. Please state the trademark; in the case of label or logo marks
· If the trademark is a word per se; ie., represented in plain letters, without any logo or device, please mention this specifically.
6. Please state the goods and/or services for which the mark is proposed to be registered, or in respect of which the mark has already been in use in the Indian market
7. If already in use, please state the date of first use of the mark in India. Alternatively kindly confirm whether the mark is “Proposed to be used”
8. Please mention priority details, if any. Please also detail partial priority (if applicable) in the case of proposed multiclass application.

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