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International registration for trademark originated in Vietnam under Madrid Agreement

The Companies and individuals in Vietnam can register their trademark abroad under Madrid Agreement, which is call international registration.
The procedure
Submission: the Applicant can submit the application via the Intellectual Property Agency, and then the application will be delivered to the National Office of Intellectual Property in Vietnam.
Action: the National Office of Intellectual Property in Vietnam is responsible to send the international application for National Office (WIPO) within 30 days from the date of receipt of legitimate application.

The application includes:
International application for trademark (it must be in French);
Application form (form);
Trademark sample (09 samples sized 80 x 80 mm);
Relevant documents (if necessary);
Power of Attorney (form of S&B Law).
Request for the Applicant.
The organizations, individuals and companies, who applied for a trademark registration in Vietnam and obtained the Certificate of Trademark registration in Vietnam, are eligible to apply for the international registration of trademark under Madrid Agreement.
Request for the trademark
Must be the tangible sign with letters, words, pictures, images or the combination of all factors;
Must be able to distinguish with the other trademarks of the same product.
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