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New Filing Trademark in Laos

New Filing Trademark in Laos

New Filing Trademark in Laos

New Filing Trademark in Laos. Laos adopts and follows the International Classification of Goods and Services under the Nice Agreement. Multi-class applications are not acceptable in Laos i.e. an application can be filed for one class of goods or services.
Class heading, general description and/or specific items of goods/services are all acceptable to the TM Office of Laos.

The registration process for a Laotian trademark would take 6-9 months to complete, involving these stages (i) examination as to formality, (ii) examination as to substance and (iii) issuance of registration certificate for registered mark.

For filing a trademark application in Laos, the following information and documents are required:

(i) Full name and address of the Applicant;
(ii) A phonetic transcription/transliteration and identification of the language used should be indicated if there are any elements of the trademark with wording other than in Roman characters;
(iii) A detailed specification of goods or services and its corresponding international class, if known;
(iv) A Original Power of Attorney, which is signed by the Applicant and duly notarized by a Notary Public. No legalization  is required (the simple copy is accepted at the time of filing and the original will then follow within 01 month from the filing date).
(v) Fifteen (15) clear print/specimen of the mark of a size, which is not in excess of 80x80mm and less than 15x15mm. 
(vi) A certified true copy of the basic application if a convention priority is claimed and its sworn Vietnamese translation (can be submitted within 01 month from the filing date).

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