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The registration trademark in US and the experience of SB Law

The registration trademark in US

The registration trademark in US

The registration trademark in US and the experience of SB Law. SB Law, an Intellectual Property law firm with experienced lawyers, advised the Intellectual Property law to a lot of Vietnamese enterprises when handling to export products abroad, including US.
Recently, lawyers of SB Law actively worked and advised to Havas Company, a Vietnamese enterprise, which interested in the Intellectual Property issues.
According to the information of the company’s website, Havas company was established in 1995 with high-quality products “ the best care for people’s health”. The company determined to promote trademark Havas more popular.

Nowadays, Havas is a leading mattress production company in Vietnam with the area of the factory 52.000m2 in Vinh Cuu - Dong Nai. The company has more than 500 skilled technical employees and especially the experienced management team graduated from universities and colleges in the field of manufacturing and trading. This ensures that the Havas company will definitely develop and cooperate in Vietnam and foreign markets.

Havas company specializes in manufacturing all kinds of products : mattresses, spring mattresses, mattress cotton presses, molding foam mattresses, various mattresses, industrial mousse, spring frame, indoor sofa cushions and outdoor ones using exported materials from European and Asia countries.

Havas products
Besides the investment of the production, Havas also interested in the Intellectual Property protection in domestic and foreign markets.
SB Law supported legally in order that Havas registered and protected their trademark abroad, including US.

Hopefully, the Vietnamese enterprises will interest in the trademark protection issues abroad and avoid losing trademark in the exported markets.

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