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Legal research in Vietnam

Client: I am designing a gaming solution for wagering on line sports. I was referred to a programmer in Da Nang to help assist in this project. We would like to research the legality of designing such a project in Vietnam.

Legal service during operation of Foreign Invested Company (FIC) in Vietnam

Legal service during operation of Foreign Invested Company (FIC) in Vietnam. After completion of establishment of FIC, we can offer you 10-15 working hours of legal retainer service per month.

English speaking lawyers in Vietnam

When foreign businessman would like to find a English speaking lawyer in Vietnam, they can request a law firm to provide legal retainer services in Vietnam, S&B Law is pleased to present herewith our proposal outlining the scope of services together with our fees and terms of engagement in rendering our services:

Retainer service

Retainer service

The demand for the lawyers with experiences, good legal knowledge and proficiency in foreign languages to assist corporations in daily business course is increasing. Supposedly, S&B Law is available to provide retaining legal consulting service for corporations.


Law firm in Vietnam

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

S&B Law focus on the Corporate Social Responsibility by the practical contribution to the community and society.The Lawyer of S&B Law, with high qualification and experience, attended in the education and training. Lawyer Nguyen Thanh Ha and Lawyer Tran Trung Kien usually gave a lecture on legal...

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