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Obtaining license for practicing Dentistry in Vietnam

Investor: I'm interested in getting a license for Dentistry and open clinics in Vietnam. I would like to know all the requirements and charge for these to complete.
Obtaining license for practicing Dentistry in Vietnam.

Lawyer: I am Lawyer of SB Law. I was entrusted to provide you legal advice regarding to your request below.
We understand that you would like to obtain license for practicing dentistry in Vietnam. For practicing dentistry, you have two following options:
- Option 1: You shall work for an existing dentist clinic in Vietnam. For this option, your employer shall be responsible for obtaining (i) Work Permit for you and (ii) License for practicing Dentistry in Vietnam. This option shall require you at least 03 months (for a straight forward case) to complete. 
- Option 2: You shall open a dentist clinic under your name. For this option, you shall have to invest at least 200,000USD to open a dentist clinic in Vietnam. After opening the Dentist Clinic under your name in Vietnam, you shall be required to obtain License for practicing Dentistry in Vietnam. This option shall require you at least 06 months (for a straight forward case) to complete.
For further understanding, we would like to note that in order to obtain the License for practicing Dentistry in Vietnam, you must prepare following documents:
- 02 legalized copies of your diploma in Dentistry;
- 02 legalized copies of a Writing letter stating that you already practiced in Dentistry for years.
- If you can practice Vietnamese, you must provide 02 Certified Copies of your Vietnamese Certificate. Otherwise, you must have an English Translator who shall assist you in communicating with your Clients. The English Translator must have Certificates confirming that he/she satisfies requirements for practicing as English Translator in Dentistry. You must also present the Employment Contract with such English Translator.
- 02 certified copies of your Work Permit.
- 02 your colored portraits.

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