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Enquiry for National Phase Entry in Vietnam

Client: We have a client is considering filing national phase entry in Vietnam. The patent has 01 independent claims, 19 pages of English specification and 3,085 words of specification.
Please provide us with your cost estimate (inclusive of official fees, translation costs, your professional fees and disbursements) for entering this application in Vietnam.
We await your response in due course.
Lawer: We refer with thanks to your email concerning the above matter and we would like to advise as below:
1. The schedule of charge
i. Filing fees:
For your reference, the estimated costs for filing a patent application are calculated based on 01 independent claims19 pages of English specification and 3,085 words of specification
Detail as follows:
Work Official fee (USD) Attorney’s fee (USD)
1. Filing an patent application (with one independent claim and not exceed 5 pages of specification) 11.00 140.00
- Additional fee for 13 pages from the sixth one 9.10 13.00
2. Publication of patent application 7.30 45.00
3. Request for substantive examination 32.80 50.00
4. Claim priority 30 50
4. Translating fee from English into Vietnamese, 3,085 words(US$8.00 per 100 words) - 246.80
Subtotal: 90.20 544.80
VAT (5%): 27.24
Communication fee: 50.00
Bank charge: 20.00
TOTAL: 732.24
In words: Seven hundred and thirty two US Dollars and twenty four cents only
ii. Estimated fee for granting:
Work Official fee (USD) Agency fee (USD)
1. Granting patent for patent (including Register and Publication) 22.00 70.00
2. Annuities fee for the first year for one independent claim 20.00 50.00
Subtotal: 42.00 140.00
VAT (5%): 7.00
Communication fee: 50.00
Bank charge: 20.00
TOTAL: 259.00
In words: Two hundred and fifty nine US Dollars
Note: No other fees are payable in case the application goes smoothly, without any objection from a third party or the NOIP's examiner. Fees for responding to any official action include fee for filing a response to official action (at least US$250.00 each time, including official fee and our service charge) and fee for advising, preparing and reviewing which will be charged on case by case. We will obtain client's approval of any further expenses incurred during the prosecution of the application prior to proceeding.
2. The required documents
In order to file patent application in Vietnam, your client is required to provide with us the following document:
i) The Power of Attorney (as attached form) which is only simply to be signed by the Applicant, neither notarization nor legalization is required (The copy of the POA can be accepted at the time of filing but the original one must be lodged within 03 month from the filing date). Please find enclosed the form of POA for your simple prosecution
We do hope that the above mentioned matter will be useful for you. Should you have any enquiry, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Vietnam Law Governing No-Smoking Policy in Serviced Apartments
Under Vietnam Law, the company is possible for you to implement no-smoking policy in your serviced apartments where you could impose a penalty. However, the penalty must be from 100,000VND to 300,000VND.
According to the Point b, Item 1, Article No. 12 of the Law No. 09/2012/QH13 on prevention and control of tobacco harms, tourist establishments including serviced apartment are listed as areas where indoor smoking is prohibited but separate designated smoking areas are allowed.
Furthermore, according to the Item 1, Article 14 of the above said law, head of facilities where smoking is prohibited can (a) request smokers who violate that ban to stop smoking in the areas where smoking is prohibited and impose fines for violations in accordance with the regulations on administrative fines; (b) request smokers who violate the ban to leave the facilities; and (c) refuse to receive or provide service to smokers who deliberately violated the ban on smoking.
According to the Point a), Item 1, Article No. 23, The Decree. 176/2013/ND-CP on penalties for administrative violations against health regulation, administrative penalties applicable to smokers who violate the ban is warning or fine from 100,000VND to 300,000VND.
We do hope that the above information is helpful for you. If you have any further inquiry, please feel free to contact us.

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