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Guidance for registering patent in Vietnam

Registering patent in Vietnam

Registering patent in Vietnam

Guidance for registering patent in Vietnam: 1. The fee for filling a patent application in Vietnam. In order to file a patent application in Vietnam, the applicant has to pay the following fee:
1.1.Filling application for patent application (*)
- Additional charge for a specification more than 5 pages,
- For each from the 6th
- Additional charge for each independent claim from the 2nd one
1.2. Claiming priority right (for each earlier priority)
1.3. Request for substantive examination inclusive of information search (*)
- Additional charge for each additional independent claim from 2nd one
1.4. Publication of patent application (*)
1.5. Granting patent for invention (including Register and Publication) (*)
- Additional fee for each independent claim from the second one
1.6. Translation of patent specification and other materials (per 100 words, from English to Vietnamese.
2. The required document for filling patent in Vietnam
Specification. If the specification is available on WIPO’s website, we, ourselves, shall download it from the website
- Power of Attorney (POA);
- Priority documents (if any) (Convention priority can be claimed within 12 months from the first filing date of a foreign application).
Note:   PCT Application can be filed without original POA at the filing date. However, a copy is filed at filing and the original should be submitted within 3 months from the filing date.

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