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Registration, management and issuance of certified trademark of Binh Phuoc rubber

Registration, management and issuance of certified trademark

Registration, management and issuance of certified trademark

Vietnam is the tropical country with thousands of kilometers from North to South and good condition on edaphically and naturally development of habitants and ecosystem.
From the North to the South, we have a wide range of agricultural products of many areas with a “brand” for many years. For example, we have Hung Yen longan, Thanh Ha lychee, Hai Hau rice, Cho Dao rice, Tra Bong cinnamon, Hoa Loc mango, Vinh orange, Buon Ma Thuot coffee, Muong Khuong coffee, Chu Se pepper, Binh Phuoc cashew, Lai Thieu mangosteen, Lang Son illicium verum, Doan Hung pomelo,...
However, we have a lot of special products in geographical region but they are now disappeared from the customers. One of the main causes is the local citizens and authorities do not have the strategy to build up and manage the collective and certified trademarks and geographical indication.
Without the strong media strategy to raise the awareness of the local citizens in special products, the mutuality and connection between citizens and authority, we can not protect and develop the brand for the special products.
In awareness of this issue, the People’s Committee of Binh Phuoc province has just built up the strategy to register, manage and develop the certified trademark of Binh Phuoc rubber.
The purpose of the project is the good management of the certified trademark of Binh Phuoc for rubber products.
Geographical indications
For the purpose of commercializing and marketing rubber products of rubber brand of Binh Phuoc domestically and internationally, the strategy set up the purpose of environmental protection, soil protection, village travel development and ecosystem of Binh Phuoc.
With this project, Lawyer Nguyen Tien Hoa, from S&B Law has presented “registration, management and development of certified trademark of Binh Phuoc for rubber products”.
In this presentation, Lawyer Nguyen Tien Hoa mentioned the plan to implement projects, human resources, finance, advantages and disadvantage.
The presentation was highly appreciated by the Department of Science and Technology.
S&B Law is highly qualified in profession and experience in intellectual property to support the protection and development of intellectual property.

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