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S&B Law worked with the East Asia Institute of Management

S&B Law worked with the East Asia Institute of Management

S&B Law worked with the East Asia Institute of Management

&B Law worked with the East Asia Institute of Management. On 28th, June 2013, Lawyer Nguyen Thanh Ha and Lawyer Tran Trung Kien from S&B Law Firm had a meeting with Mrs. Ivy Ang, the Director of the International Development Department of the East Asia Institute of Management.
In the meeting, Mrs. Ivy Ang discussed about investment opportunities in Vietnam. She said that Vietnam was a country with a rapid-growing economy. However, Vietnam has had the serious shortage of highly-qualified human resources. Thus, in the strategic development of its business, East Asia Institute of Management intends to invest in education in Vietnam and hopes to be consulted by a prestigious law firm on aspects of the investment law and education law in Vietnam.
Lawyer Tran Trung Kien had the opinions of the above-said problems by answering the investors’ questions on the provisions of the Vietnamese law in the field of education, the conditions and incentives applied to foreign investors when implementing projects in Vietnam.
Mrs. Ivy Ang highly appreciated the opinions of a Lawyer Tran Trung Kien and hoped to work with S&B Law through the business process in Vietnam.
“East Asia Institute of Management” – The East Asia Management Academy EASB was established in 1984 with 20 experienced years in the field of education. EASB was proud to receive the award of Excellent Academy by the Department of Quality Management of Singapore Private Academies in 2003 (SQC-PEOs). And EASB was one of the first academies achieved Edutrust Singapore Certificate (4-year worth) to certify the best of maintaining education standards for the interests of students.

EASB was selected as the leading academy of travel and hotel management program according to the survey of Edupoll in 2008. EASB, one of a few academies in Singapore, still provide internship program for students. EASB was proud that Queen Margaret University and Wales University have been located in two EASB facilities in Singapore.

In 2010, EASB had more than 3,000 students, 200 teachers and supporting staffs at both Henderson and Balester with modern material facilities. Nowadays, EASB is the only academy in Singapore, which has two separate campuses to support for two main areas such as Tourism & Hotel Management and Business Management ...
" According to: https://www.easb.edu.vn/easb.html

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