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SB Law protected trademark to the Familiar Food Company Anco

SB Law protected trademark to the Familiar Food Company Anco

SB Law protected trademark to the Familiar Food Company Anco

SB Law expressed our gladness to inform that our company was selected as the Intellectual Property services provider on protecting trademark and copyright to the corporation.
The task of SB Law‘s Intellectual Property lawyers is as follow:

When Anco have an idea about new product, Anco will contact immediately with lawyers of S&B Law to get advice of the new trademark registration ability.
Lawyers of S&B Law will operate based on the database on Intellectual Property such as public notice of Intellectual Property, the publication of the international registration of WIPO in order to conclude preliminarily about the registration ability.

Then, lawyers of SB Law will offer the advice and the company will select the relevant trademark to register and protect.

S&B Law will work with Intellectual Property Office to establish the Intellectual Property rights  to Anco’s trademark.

The product designs of Anco also have the value of art and creativity, in order to protect well the Intellectual Property of Anco, SB Law also handle the copyrights registration at the Copyright Department.

Anco operate it professionally. And therefore, Anco’s products are also the best ones with relevant prices and especially the Intellectual Property copyrights..
SB Law, the Intellectual Property law firm, always protect the Intellectual Property to the Vietnamese enterprises.

ANCO is an associated corporation that consists of 4 companies specialized in manufacturing and trading in the field of feedstuff, livestock feed and processed food: the International Agriculture Nutrition Corporation, the Seafood (ở đây ghi từ thuỷ sản nhưng từ này không có trong từ điển nên em dùng tạm từ hải sản tức là Seafood) Nutrition International Joint Venture, the International Agriculture Nutrition Corporation – Ha Nam Branch, the International Agriculture Corporation ANCO and the Family Food Corporation Anco.

From 2008 to 2011, ANCO was constantly in the top 500 largest enterprises in Vietnam (According to the VNR 500). Specifically, in 2011, the Livestock Department voted ANCO as "the best feed management unit in 2011".

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