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SBLaw assited investor to set up chain drug stores in Vietnam

With the purpose to enter into the business market of high-quality chain drug stores which are certified to meet Good Pharmacy Practices (GPP) standard in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, the investors came to SBLaw in order to have their projects implemented.
The project started with the founding of a joint-stock company with its registered scope of business was in drugs distribution and healthcare services, which are conditional business activities that requires appropriate professional degrees.
Then, our law-firm assisted the client in the establishment of client to generate profit but also makes significant contribution in the enhancing and development of brandname “Pharmacity - certified chain drug stores system”, with their motto is to deliver the best healthcare services for all customers
To conduct healthcare business which is a sensitive and strictly-controlled area by the governmental authority, the investors are required to satisfy several specific conditions in order to perform their business in this field. 
With experience in assisting clients in healthcare business, SBLaw has quickly indentified difficulties and risks in this market, as well as giving legal advice and helping the investors to meet all requirements set by governmental authorities to get the certificate of business registration.
Furthermore, S&B Law consulted and assisted each of the client’s drug stores in getting the Certificate in medicine trading and the Certificate of Good Pharmacy Practices (GPP) standard.
Therefore, the whole business project is guaranteed to be implemented with the best performance, as well as complying with any legal provisions.

It is also noted that, in order to have those certificates, the company has to satisfy restricting standards such as professional personel, required and quality equipments,… yet not mentioned that there are many legal dossiers to provide and procedures to follow.

Therefore, SBLaw’s consulting and assisting activities that help the client successfully develop and run the business of standardized chain drug stores has been highly appreciated and appraised.

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