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The protection of intellectual property for TOA Paint in Vietnam

The protection of intellectual property for TOA Paint

The protection of intellectual property for TOA Paint

TOA Paint which was just started from a small construction company has currently predicated its own position when became the top-ranking superior paint in Thailand and this has taken TOA to be a leading trademark in Thailand in the field of decorative paints since 1983.
Since then also, the company revenue has non-stop soared and reached a record sales of $ 150 million in end-2004 and only decorative paints market share accounted for 50%.

Not satisfied about the leading trademark in Thailand, TOA Paint was soon extended to many foreign markets around the world including Japan, China, Myanmar, Malaysia ...

Realized that Vietnam is a potential market, in 1995, TOA Vietnam officially launched and became a member of the global TOA Corporation. TOA Vietnam now has two offices in central Ho Chi Minh city, Hanoi city and 6-hectares-large factory in Tan Dong Hiep A Industrial Zone, Di An District, Binh Duong province with hundreds of workers, 50 office staff and experts in Thailand… (1)

During its operation, TOA Paint Vietnam also constantly invests and researches to make new products, conforms to the environment and the tastes of Vietnam.

Along with bringing new products to market, TOA Paint is also very interested in the registration of trademark, brand protection in Vietnam.

The trademark registration helps TOA Paint against acts of counterfeiting, counterfeit, infringement of intellectual property rights, simultaneously establishes their own intellectual property, creates brand value and financial intellectual assets to the company.

S&B Law which is a prestigious and professional law firm, with intellectual property lawyers being experienced and professional knowledgeable, honors to be the unit provides legal services to protect intellectual property rights for TOA Paint Vietnam.

With this cooperation, hopefully, TOA Paint Vietnam will be non-stop growing, contributes to the development of Vietnam paint market in general and promotes economic development.

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