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Register foreign trading company in Vietnam

Client: We are the foreign trading company from Malaysia, we want to set up company in hanoi with 100% foreign company

Setting up a company in the sale of textile auxiliaries and dyes

Investor: Our company come from Hongkong and is mainly engaged in the sale of textile auxiliaries and dyes. Now we intend to expand our business in Saigon.

Seeking advice on how to set up a company in Vietnam

I am from foreign .company I am glad to know you via the internet. We intend to set up a company in Saigon, Vietnam. So I'm writing to ask for some advice.

How to open distribution company in Vietnam?

Under Vietnamese laws on investment and enterprise which have effectiveness on 01st July 2015, for setting up a foreign invested company (hereinafter referred to as “FIC”), investors must apply for Investment Registration Certificate for the project and Business Registration Certificate for the Company.

Setting Up Company in Vietnam

Client: Our Company intend to set up an office in Vietnam, may be you are able to advise us on this.

Setting up shipping agency company in Vietnam

Question: We are a shipping company with our head quarter in Singapore. We operate our vessels between Singapore, Japan, Taiwan and Southeast Asia countries.

Setting up a company practicing dentistry in Vietnam

SBLAW would like to provide advice on possibilities of setting up a 100% foreign invested company practicing dentistry in Vietnam as follows:

New regulation for setting up FDI company in Vietnam

Vietnam Goverment has jut adopted new law on Investment and Enterpise which became effective from 1st July 2015.

Open consultancy company in Vietnam

Q: I am a foreign people and would like to set up consultancy company in Vietnam, please advise legal procedure? A: This is Lawyer of SB Law. We know that you now intend to setup 100% foreign owned company in Vietnam for consultation.

Opening a company for software development in Vietnam

We refer with thanks to the conservation between you and our representative from which we were requested to advice on possibilities of setting up a foreign invested company

Setting up company by a Japanese Company

We refer with thanks to the conservation from which we were requested to advice on possibilities of setting up a foreign invested company for doing business of Testing and Analysis on the field of software, hardware of computer and mobile phone by a Japanese Company (hereinafter referred to as “Client”).

Setting up Forwarding / Logistics company in HCM, Vietnam

Foreign investor: I would like to consult with your firm regarding procedure / process on setting up a Forwarder/ Logistics company in HCM, Vietnam.

Register a new company in Vung Tau, Vietnam

Client: I am an American citizen wishing to register a new company here in Vung Tau. The business is consultancy for project construction.

Reasonable legal firm in Vietnam

Investor: Glad to e-meet you. Please allow me to briefly introduce ourselves. We are a SGX-listed company providing business solutions to mobile network operators.

Business Registration Support

Client: My name is Harry and I received your contact details through internet. I'm looking for a lawyer who could assist me and a partner (we're both expats) in registering our online startup.

Q&A for setting up RO in Vietnam

Q: What docs should be presented to apply the license of R.O ?

Establish an agency in Vietnam

Foreign investor: Dear sir, This is Peter from Taiwan. We are textile group company engaged in cotton, cotton yarn, fabric and garment business.

Establish local company by Vietnamese

Client: I order your farm about my needs. Needs Establish local company by Vietnamese

Establishment of foreign company for exporting safe cash box from Vietnam

We understand that you (hereinafter referred to as “Client”) is now seeking legal advices for establishment of wholly foreign invested company

Quotation to Set Up a MLM Company in Vietnam

Investor: Our company (based in France) would like to set up a MLM (multi level marketing) company in Vietnam. Could you please provide the quotations for the below?


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