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Formation and operating company in Vietnam

Formation and operating company in Vietnam. SBLaw assisted a large number of Clients in forming and operating foreign owned companies in Vietnam including but not limited to IBM, ICBC, LG Electronic, Esco Global, Bridge Minds Consulting, Inovar Floor,, DSM, Taixin, Ascott, Nikken, Essar etc..
Our services for forming foreign invested company in Vietnam shall be as follows:
(i) Assistance with pre-licensing works including providing you an over view on Vietnam Investment and business operation in Vietnam.
(ii) Assistance with preparation of documents for submission to the Competent Authority for setting up Company;
(iii) Liaising with Competent Authority during the licensing process for setting up Company on your behalf;
(iv) Assisting you to finalize post licensing procedure including obtaining seal sample, announcement of establishment of company in newspaper.
(v) Provide you assistance with legal matters during your business operation in Vietnam.

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