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Set up foreign company in Vietnam for providing freight forwarding services

In case the foreign investor would like to set up 100% owned foreign enterprise in Vietnam for providing freight forwarding services, we would like to advise as follows:
Under Vietnam Law, foreign investor is entitled to setup foreign owned company for providing freight forwarding services, i.e.
  1. Marketing and sales maritime transport services through direct contact with customers, from quotation to invoicing;
  2. Acting on behalf of the cargo owners;
  3. Provision of required business information;
  4. Preparation of documentation concerning transport documents including customs documents, or other documents related to the origin and character of the goods transported;
  5. Provision of maritime transport services including cabotage services by Vietnamese flagged vessels for the supply of integrated transport services;
  6. Acting on behalf of the company, organizing the call of the ship or taking over cargoes when required;
  7. Negotiate and sign contracts for road, rail, inland waterways transportation related to cargoes transported by the company. 
From the year of 2014, foreign investor can setup 100% Foreign Owned Company for providing freight forwarding services.

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