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SB advice law in Telecommunications and Information Technology

Advice law in Telecommunications and Information Technology

Advice law in Telecommunications and Information Technology

SB advice law in Telecommunications and Information Technology, SB Law is proud to be a first Vietnamese law firm that participates in Telecommunications and Information Technology. Lawyers and experts of S&B Law quickly interested in and develop services and measures in this field.
SB Law provide benefits to customers through services such as legal advice and policy, support negotiations, contract preparation related to Telecommunications, support to permit website setup, support drafting regulations for the use of the website, support dispute resolution and protection of intellectual property rights related to Telecommunications and Information Technology.

Our major deals in Telecommunications and Information Technology are as follows:
  • Representing HTC Corporation - one of the fastest-growing mobile phone company in the world - in revising contracts of transfer the right to use the software installed on the products of Corporation;
  • Representing VC Corporation - the leading Vietnamese corporation in commercial Telecommunications and Internet in Vietnam – acquiring the advertising permits, establishing social networks, drafting regulations the use for bamboo.com, rongbay.com, enbac.com and resolving disputes arising between network administrators and users.
  • Representing Vatgia Company – the owner of well-known e-commerce website in Vietnam - solving problems related to licenses from the authorities.
  • Representing PeaceSoft company – the owner of chodientu.vn và ebay.com.vn  - registering the Intellectual Property rights and establishing regulations on e-payment.
  • Representing VTC Online to music copyrights with Sony Music Entertainment.
  • Representing Corporation Global Data Services in preparing, negotiating leases hosting with Japanese partners.
  • Advising VNPT Global in projects of Information Technology infrastructure and Telecommunications networks.
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