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Trademark registration procedure in Vietnam

Trademark registration procedure

Trademark registration procedure

S&B Law would like to provide some information about trademark registration procedure in Vietnam as follows:
Required documents:
1. Power of Attorney that empowers S&B Law in conducting actions on trademark registration in Vietnam;
2. 12 specimens of mark with the size not larger than 8cm x 8cm;
3. List of goods/services (under Nice Agreement, version X); and
4. Priority claiming documents (if any).
For a straightforward case, it takes about 12 months from the filing date to obtain Certificate of Trademark Registration for an application.
1. The formality examination lasts for 3 months from filing date.
2. The substantive examination last 9 months from signing date of Acceptance of legitimate Application;
Our trademark attorney will file your trademark application in Vietnam and will carry our all needed tasks before National Office of Intellectual Property (NOIP) to get registration approval.
Since your trademark is filed with NOIP, we will send you our filling advice which will include application number and filling date.
Notes for Vietnam trademark registration
Trademark (TM) infringement in Vietnam is mushrooming in both intensity and scope.
As time for obtaining Certificate of Trademark Registration is 12 months counted from filing date (without any obstacle), one trademark is not protected during the examination period.
Therefore, in order to avoid any possible trademark infringement, producers had better filed application for TM registration at least one year before launching their new products into market.
It is much better to have a similarity search for the mark at National Office of Intellectual Property (NOIP) before filling application.
Since trademark registration is published once in Industrial Property Official Gazette, it can hardly be known to consumers and producers.
In order to avoid accidental infringement, trademark owner had better make announcement in newspapers

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