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S&B LAW has been recognized as one of the leading and highly recommended business lawyers and law firm in Vietnam. S&B LAW advised clients in a wide variety including foreign and domestic investment consultancy, business law, intellectual property, banking and finance, corporate, commercial, property and real estate, tax, agreement and contract, arbitration and litigation, M&A, leasing, construction, employment, insurance, enterprise development and management.
S&B LAW is a perfect choice for large and medium-sized businesses, local and international corporations and organizations.
S&B LAW is a full-serviced law firm, dedicating to many clients who have been working with us for many years, among IBM, AIA, TOTAL, ExonMobil, ESCO, HTC, CSC, LG, DBS bank, ICBC, ING Bank, Hong Leong Bank, Bridge Mind Consulting Pte., Ltd; Luxasia; DSM Singapore Industrial Pte., Ltd, Nippon Steel, Innovar Vietnam, SmartEbook.com, UBM, Netrove Venture, Argentina Embassy in Vietnam, MSH (non-government organization), ADRA, Military Bank, VICEM, VINACONEX, VNPT, VTC Online, VSTV, Vinacomin, Trung Nguyen Group, Kinh Do Group Corporation, HIPT, Viettel Real Estate,  VietsovPetro, member companies of PVN such as PVFC, PVFC Invest, PVFC Land, PVFI, ...
Awards for S&B Law’s lawyers
Cho vào đây nhé
The professional performance and services provided by S&B LAW has been highly appreciated by both local and international clients.
  • S&B LAW is proud to be awarded by ASIALAW Profiles - the world a reputable organization on ranking the leading domestic law firms in Asia Pacific. The ranking are based on the recommendations of in-house counsel at the world's most prominent companies and financial institutions, as well as the leading lawyers, attorneys and solicitors in each legal market.
  • In 2012, S&B LAW received honor award by The Legal 500, the most comprehensive worldwide coverage currently available on legal services providers in over 100 countries. S&BLAW emerged winner among many other leading law firms in the country for our excellent quality of legal service.
  • In 2012, S&B LAW continued to be ranked for the professional achievement and experience in finance and banking by IFRL1000 (the Guide to the World’s Leading Financial Law Firms).
  • In November 2012, S& BLAW had one more feather to its cap, for being selected as one of the five law firms awarded by the People’s Committee of Hanoi for the achievement in consultancy to protect the rights and benefits of State and citizens.
  • In 2013, S&B LAW continued to be ranked for professional achievement and experienced in finance, banking and Intellectual Property by The Legal 500.
  • In 2013, Mr. Nguyen Thanh Ha – Managing Partner and Mr. Pham Duy Khuong – Executive Partner of S&B Law were ranked as Leading Lawyers in Vietnam by ASIA LAW.
Experience of S&B Law in Vietnam company formation.
S&B LAW is a full-serviced law firm, dedicating to many clients who have been working with us for many years in the field of company formation.
Here is some particular cases:
  • Acting for Stalheim Industries Sdn Bhd to establish a joint venture company in Vietnam called as Inovar (Vietnam) Co., Ltd. Inovar (Vietnam) Co., Ltd is licensed to implement importation, exportation and distribution right of wood floor and related products. The services is inclusive of preparing Joint Venture Contract, preparation of necessary documents for licensing process, liaising with competent authorities for obtaining Investment Certificate etc.;
  • Acting for IBM Vietnam to consult authority agencies regarding to implementation of its investment projects and to realize its important business strategies in Vietnam;
  • Acting for Metiseko International Co., Ltd – a Hong Kong Company to setup a factory manufacturing textile and clothing in the centre of Vietnam;
  • Acting for Esco Global – A Singaporean Company to setup 100% Foreign Invested Company for trading activities in Vietnam;
  • Acting for SmartEbook.com Co., Ltd to setup 100% Foreign Invested Company operating in the field of Digital Content Services;
  • Acting for Bridge Minds Consulting Pte., Ltd to setup 100% Foreign Invested Company operating in the field of Software Production and Services;
  • Acting for Ascott Management Company Limited, Hanoi Somerset Tower, Hoa Binh Somerset Tower, Thuy Duong Somerset Tower as External Legal Counselor;
  • Acting for a Korean Company to setup a factory manufacturing mobile speakers in the Export Processing Zone of Bac Ninh Province;
  • Acting for KLIN NB to setup an alcohol factory in Hanoi.
Our relationship with key government authorities
A good working relationship with Vietnam’s decision-makers is imperative in successfully doing business in Vietnam.
We maintain strong relationships with various Vietnamese ministries including the Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI), the Ministry of Finance (MoF) , the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, and the licensing authorities including provincial People’s Committees, Department of Planning and Investment, and especially Industrial Zones Authorities.
Establishment of factory for producing goods in Vietnam
In case the client intends to setup a factory for producing goods (hereinafter referred to as “Factory”), S&B Law would like to provide some information about it.
  1. Investment certificate
Establishment of the Factory shall require an Investment Certificate from the licensing authority.
Depending upon the location of the Factory, the licensing authority may be the Provincial People’s Committee (for Factories located outside industrial or export processing zones) or the provincial Industrial and Export Processing Zones Management Authority (for Factories located in industrial or export processing zones).
Following items are key work streams for setting up any Factories in Vietnam:
Locating the suitable land lot: It is noted that all land in Vietnam is owned and administered by the State.
As such, there is no private ownership of land and all land is thus rented from the state. Before being granted the right to use land for business purposes, all land users must obtain a Land Use Right Certificate.
Despite of that Vietnam Authority shall grant the Land Use Right Certificate only after completion of obtaining the Investment Certificate of Investment for the Factory, foreign investor shall need to carefully work with the provincial Industrial and Export Processing Zones Management Authority to consult the availability of suitable land lot before starting the Licensing Process.
In-principal approval of the provincial Industrial and Export Processing Zones Management Authority on the land lot to be leased is considered as one of essential documents for obtaining Investment Certificate of the Factory.
Environmental impact assessment to evaluate the possible impacts that the Factory may have on the environment, consisting of the environmental, social and economic aspects.
Depending on specific position of the case, the provincial Industrial and Export Processing Zones Management Authority shall require foreign investor to conduct the Environmental Impact Assessment before the Licensing Process or not.
However, we highly recommend foreign investor to proceed with Environmental impact assessment before commencing the Licensing Process in order to avoid potential risk.
Obtaining Investment Certificates: Under Vietnam Law, obtaining Investment Certificate for the project with investment capital from at least 300 billion Vietnam Dong (about 15,000,000USD) shall be subjected to Investment Evaluation Process.
Accordingly, foreign investor shall need to prepare the Feasibility Study for the Project of setting up the Factory.
Time limit for obtaining Investment Certificate under the Investment Evaluation Process is 45 working days from submission of application dossier for the Investment Certificate. However, in practice, the process can be much longer as it requires the Licensing Authority to consult relevant Ministries before granting Investment Certificate.
Obtaining Certificate of Land Use Right: Vietnam Law requires all Entities to obtain Certificate of Land Use Right before being granted right to use land for business purpose. Time limit for obtaining Certificate of Land Use Right is about 10 working dates from the submission of application dossier to competent authority.
Obtaining Construction Permit: foreign investor shall be required to obtain Construction Permit before commencing its construction work. Time limit for obtaining Construction Permit under Vietnam Law is 20 working days from submission of application dossier for construction permit.
Submission of documents proving satisfaction of conditions for fire fighting and prevention
  1. Our scope of work
Preparation of the application documents:
  • Notifying application documents required in accordance with Vietnamese law;
  • Drafting application documents required for submission purpose;
  • Liaising with S&B Law to discuss the draft application documents;
  • Amending the application documents based on foreign investor’s comments;
  • Obtaining preliminary comments from the licensing authority on the draft application documents;
  • Finalizing the application documents following comments from the licensing authority; and
  • Translating the final version of the application documents into Vietnamese for execution.
Licensing procedures:
  • Submitting the application dossier to the licensing authority on Syngenta’s behalf;
  • Monitoring and following up with the relevant authorities on the approval process;
  • Keeping your company updated on the developments and additional requirements, if any; and
  • Assisting foreign investor in obtaining the investment certificate for the Factory.
Post-licensing procedures:
Upon the issuance of the investment certificate, the Factory shall be required to carry out immediate administrative procedures.
Our services include:
  • Obtaining the seal of the Factory;
  • Obtaining the Factory’s tax code;
  • Placing an announcement on the establishment of the Factory in the newspaper;
  • Obtaining Certificate of Land Use Right
  • Obtaining Construction Permit
  1. Our delivarables
The Deliverables will include documents prepared in English. Vietnamese Version shall be provided if the document is required for submission to licensing bodies.
Client will review, approve and where necessary sign these documents.
  1. Timeline
Timeline for performing the S&B Law services as mentioned in item above will be as follows:
  • Obtaining Investment Certificate: We anticipate that it shall take us about 10 working days to prepare the application dossier and about 03 months to obtain the Investment Certificate.
  • Obtaining Tax Code Registration, Seal Sample and Announcement of establishment of the Factory: We anticipate that it shall take us about 14 working days to complete this work item.
  • Obtaining Certificate of Land Use Right: We anticipate that it shall take us about 15 working days to complete the work item.
Obtaining Construction Permit: We anticipate that it shall take us about 01 month to complete the work item.

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